Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come....



Since more than four years, I am taking private classes with Sudheesh twice per week. At the beginning of the pandemic, we switched to Facetime and kept on going during times when others went into isolation. Even today we keep the flexibility and practice at his home, virtually, in the park or together with friends in a studio. Once we even drove to the alps and practiced Yoga on the top of a mountain. I truly enjoy our chats before the class during a cup of tea, the spiritual setting with prayers and chanting, the mediation, breathing and Asanas. I am very thankful for the smoothy, chai tee and all the Indian goodies he is sharing. It is amazing how Yoga with Sudheesh changed my life: The practice did not only help to strengthen my body overall and kept me healthy, but it also transformed my whole mindset. His advice on healthy life style and high quality organic food had high impact on me. Thank you, Sudheesh for all your inspiration and friendship.



I've been going to Sudheesh's yoga classes for nearly four years. They are great with a nice mix of different ages and nationalities, and of course the best yoga vibes in Basel!
A year and a half ago I went to Sudheesh for a massage to help with back pain. Now I go to him regularly as he's always finding tense muscles I didn't know I had. I love the head and face massage at the end. He uses organic rose oil and it's so relaxing.
With Sudheesh, it's all about the vibes. He is easy-going, warm and generous. He gives me a discount and always a gift after the massage, a healthy green smoothie, or a really tasty curry.




LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK INSTEAD OF YOUR WORDS. This sentence describes Sudheesh, my Yoga teacher, and a mind coach. I know him for three years. During the first year 2018 he was like a gardian angel to me. I was ill. He took care of me by sending empowering messages and praying for me. On the day of my surgery, he dedicated his prayers only for me, leaving out even his parents. Thanks to him I have learned to eat healthy (green smoothies, celery juice etc). MOVEMENT IS MY MEDICINE. As a hard-working, steady and eager yoga student I learned to do the headstand in three months and my body awareness has increased much during these years. It means also, that I experienced many moments of happiness and wellness.
My yoga teacher is a human being, who thinks and acts from his heart. THE GOOD DRAWS A GOOD IN AND TO ITSELF.

Isabelle ..Smiley Swiss Girl

Sudheesh‘s yoga classes and massages are out of this world kind of special. He has the gift to make you feel on top of the world. He is so caring and loving and quite honestly one of the most beautiful human spirit I have ever met. He is spirituality in a human body and quite often I do wonder is he maybe an Indian god having been reborn?

Sudheesh has been a tremendous help to me, most all he inspired me to stop smoking.
I‘ve gotten to know him back in 2016 and have been going to him for private yoga lessons and traditional ayurvedic massage regularly. Everytime he gives me a delicious fresh smoothie and different Indian foods and snacks to try. He is one of the best Yoga teachers and has been coaching me through difficult times in my life. 

Thanks Sudheesh for everything 😘

Dr : Amelie from Roche Basel

Dear Sudheesh,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the incredible transformation I've been experiencing during our yoga and meditation sessions over the past five weeks.

Through the practice of yoga and meditation, including the powerful Pranayamas like Kapalabhati and Alternate Nostril Breathing, I have been able to access my inner self in a profound way. Concentrating between the eyebrows during Pranayama has granted me a unique inner vision of myself, as if I'm peering into the depths of my being.

I've come to liken this experience to diving through the surface of the ocean, where there exists both an outside and an inside world. I can sense a very thin layer, which I believe corresponds to the surface of my skin, separating these two realms.

What's even more remarkable is that over the course of the last three sessions, I've found it easier and quicker to access this internal space that I rarely considered in my daily life. Previously, I focused solely on the external aspects of myself – how I look, how others perceive me, and the movements of my physical body.

It's almost as if our upbringing and society encourage us to concentrate on the external shell, forgetting the vastness of our interiority, which holds so much potential and strength.

Through this newfound connection to my inner self, I feel a greater sense of peace and efficiency. I've realized that having access to this personal space empowers me, as it remains less influenced by the outside world and its occasional negative influences.

Embracing and visualizing this inner "volume" has also deepened my appreciation for my body's incredible functions – my lungs filling with air, my heart beating, and my gut digesting. It has made me more grateful for the miraculous workings of my body.

As I continue on this journey, I'm filled with curiosity about what further transformations lie ahead. Your presence and guidance have been instrumental in facilitating this profound shift, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. I look forward to our future sessions and the insights they will bring.

With warm regards,



About five years ago I was looking for private yoga classes and I found by coincidence the webpage of Sudheesh. Today I am more than greatful about every moment and every class I could spent with him.
Sudheesh’s heart is full of kindness and he is spreading out joy and love.
If you are expecting a “simple” yoga class, you won’t be at the right place with Sudheesh.
In the beginning of a class, he always takes time for a chat, while you are offered some nice tea.
Before you start the spiritual setting with chanting prayers, Breathing, Yoga asanas and Meditation.
In these five years many things changed. Not only my body was strengthed but also my mental situation changed.

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