Did you know 
Chakra Massage can 

help sooth 

Anxiety &


Enhance Personl Growth Expands Creativity Develop Positive Attitude Balance Energy & Chakras

‘‘When the Chakras are balanced the Mind is unwandering like the flameof a candle in a windless place‘‘

Chakra Balancing- Massage- With special Oils-

But oils used little bit only. Magic touch done by warm energy gathered hands. Starting with relaxing Pressured Foot-massage to wake up the energy…! 

Aura and Chakra Cleansing revolves around our connection to Mother Earth.

 To remove stagnant energies and emotional blockages the client receives the benefits of mental clarity and a boost in vital energy. A typical session involves chakra alignment and a very deep, multidimensional level Aura energy clearing through different techniques- And done under the candlelight in a cozy spiritual energetic room in the bay ground of classical music and aromas of incense- normally done in the evening!

Through kneading, vibrating and shaking your body and pulling and smoothing out the energies – with quiet spells and synchronized breathing. This can be deeply relaxing. You will be respected and honoured as Shiva and Shakti. Also includes very gentle elements, where you can experience being held, stroked. The massage is a space for intimacy, and it is time for you to relax and focus on yourself. You remain passive for the whole massage. Sometimes Chakra Meditation also can be included

 The benefits you will typically receive from a session includes enhancing your self-esteem, unleashing of your inner power and connecting you to your true self. A follow-up plan is established after the session for further self-healing.


This is an incredibly powerful form of healing for clients who suffer from depression and anxiety and to become healthier and happier even more!





Living more fully in your truth


Renewed or re-defined life direction


Removal of blocks and obstacles


Opening to deeper intimacy with others


A stronger sense of self and self-esteem


Reduced Anxiety


The deeper connection to Spirit and innate Inner Wisdom


Improves the quality of choice and decision making


Energizes the body and restores vitality


Fosters Feeling well-being and peace of mind


Stress Relief


Improves Mindfulness


Decreases blood pressure and other tension related disorders


Help with sexual issues


Overall balance (which may improve anything from career to inter-personal relationships)