‘‘There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive‘‘

Spiritual Holistic Hypnotherapy

Spiritual enlightenment is the key to making the most of your life.

If you feel stuck, uncertain, or frustrated with the way your life is going, spiritual hypnotherapy might be just the ticket to end the confusion.

Various forms of Spiritual Hypnosis might be Past-Life Regression or Life Between Life Regression. Speaking through your spiritual self is life changing. With hypnosis you are able to let go of the ego and truly be.

In other words, Spiritual hypnosis gets to the root of who you are and what is most important in your life.

It is easy for me to combine Hypnotherapy in spiritual path as I am an advanced experienced Yoga teacher, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Ayurveda Thai body worker-

I combine with counselling, breathing practices, and hypnosis deep relaxing mediation. Sometimes if the client is comfortable or wish to to receive nice pressured foot massage rarely Indian head massage too.

I offer those different paths in Spiritual Hypnosis. Each approaches your spiritual development in a slightly different way.






Goal Setting



inner child



Pain Relief

Past Life Regression

Social Anxiety

Weight Loss

Regression Therapy



Exploring the Depths of Holistic Self-Hypnosis

This session Spiritual Journeys take yourself into very deep self-hypnosis. This alone is an amazing experience.

In the session you will see your true inner self.

The session will introduce you to your Spirit Guide and hear their unique message for you.

I focus on self-improvement and that means that you are growing and changing. Change infers a shift in consciousness, which reflects new levels of self-awareness. Becoming more self-aware, is a type of spiritual development.

Spiritual hypnotherapy as a discipline tends to focus on deeper life issues and often explores Past Life Regression. Spiritual hypnotherapy is based on the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In this approach, the subconscious is seen as the connection to the person’s higher self, inner wisdom, or connection to the divine. During the hypnotic process, the hypnotherapist invites the client to connect to their higher self (or whatever other term works for the client and their faith) as a way to find out the source of their challenges, and to release any blocks that are preventing them from achieving their goals.

This approach is self-empowering and transformative, because it provides the client with a rich set of resources to call on to make the changes they’d like to make in their life. It is also quite supportive of many hypnotherapy processes such as past life regression, soul retrieval, spirit releasement , Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, Extraterrestrial beings, communicating with archetypes - Gods and Goddesses, astrological signs, and form of hypnosis-assisted channeling of any beings beyond the current personality.

“Hypnosis is a normal and natural way of knowing your inner self and augmenting it with virtues like self-belief.”

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